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Know Your Amateur – Karlynn Beam

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Offroadviking.com – Tell everyone a little bit about yourself
Karlynn Beam – My name is Karlynn Beam and I turned 16 last May 31st.
ORV –How many years have you been riding and racing?
KB – I’ve been riding since I was 2 so that is about 15 years but I have only been racing about 5 years.
ORV- What was your first bike?
KB – My first bike was a JR 50 with bicycle training wheels and cool aluminum silencer off my brothers Husqvarna 50.
ORV- What bike are you currently riding?
KB – I have four bikes including three Kawasaki KX 100’s and a Yamaha YZ 125.
ORV-What racing series and class do you race in?
KB – In 2012 I have raced all the GNCC’s in the Super-mini 14-15 class but plan to move on to the Women’s class for the last three rounds in preparation for next year. I also ride motocross. I qualified for Loretta Lynn’s this year in Girls (12-15) & Women 14+ (alternate). In local motocross I race super-mini and women.
ORV-Who inspired you to begin racing?
KB – My dad – we have always ridden together but about a year ago he quit riding to be dedicated to my racing and I am very appreciative of that.
ORV- Who is the one person you look up to in life? (This can be on or off of the track)
KB – My dad – he has taught me a lot about riding and training to be the best I can be at it.
ORV- What accomplishments have you achieved in racing so far?
KB – This year at the first GNCC round I got 3rd in the Supermini 14-15 class (I actually passed the leader at one point but fell back) and 4th overall at River Ranch, FL. I am very proud to have qualified for Loretta Lynn’s but unfortunately I had back luck at the event.
ORV- How has your current season gone so far?
KB – My season has been rocky, lots of good starts in the GNCC’s but I have run into bad luck in the first part of the races and my results have suffered. I have had top 5 speed when looking at my lap times but problems on the course have cost me. Making Loretta’s was an achievement but again I had bad luck that effected my results.
ORV- What are your goals in the sport?
KB – To go pro and have a factory support ride!!!! I want to race the Women’s MX series too someday and I also want to be the first girl to race an XC1 race in the GNCC’s.
ORV- What are your goals in life?
KB – Go to college and become a physical therapist
ORV- Where is your favorite track?
KB – Gatorback Cycle Park in Gainesville, FL
ORV- If you could ride anywhere, where would that be?
KB – At Ricky Carmichael’s Ranch
ORV- If you could ride with anyone, who would that be?
KB – Eli Tomac because he has the sickest style!!!
ORV- Who would you like to thank?
KB – God for keeping me safe, Mom and Dad, KR4 Performance, and HBD Motographx

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