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Episode 62 : Seat Time Podcast with GNCC Trail Boss Barry Hawk

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Episode 62

Seat Time Podcast with GNCC Trail Boss Barry Hawk


October 18, 2012 – Testing out the new Live setup some more, we got Barry Hawk on the phone to see what he had to say about some of the racing action that has been going on. It turns out this 8x GNCC Champion has some great insight into the XC1 and XC2 Championship battles. He also breaks down his process on laying out the GNCC tracks. So if you want to complain, this is the guy to do it to. But plan on apologizing later for your overheated debate, because you will come to realize he knew what he was doing the whole time.


Steward Baylor Jr wrapped up his first National Enduro title in a series he didn’t even plan on racing. We look into Baylor’s current injury and how he can move beyond the pain to win another XC2 Championship.


We’ll be back next week for Episode 63. Be on the look out for awesome stories, we want to hear them! Have fun, be safe and remember to always enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome!


Show available on the site, Stitcher or iTunes.



Seat Time is a weekly show on the Internet. We talk with all the fun guests and dive in deep on the topics that make you think. Ok, nothing in that last sentence may have been true, but we make sure you have a great time listening to us chatting it up with the Industry regulars. Check out the site, like us on Facebook, Tweet us on Twitter or tag us in Instagram. But remember, always enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome!

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