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KR4 Performance Race Report

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The Black Clouds of Unadilla

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Words really can’t describe the events that took place this past weekend at the Unadilla New York GNCC Race.  Record crowds, crazy weather, largest dirt bike entry in GNCC History, best rides, worst racing experiences, first time championship wins and KR4’s Introduction of our Arrive n Race Program for 2013.

While arriving at the track on Friday evening, the wind picked up and it started to rain and it did throughout the night.  Saturday was a great day for the ATV racing, sign up lines were as long as pro row, some racers stood in line for 4 hours.  Overall the day turned out to be a nice one.  Sunday morning the KR4 Team woke up to a brisk chilly and foggy morning.  The 8:00 am youth race went very well as KR4’s Kaleb Ward scored another podium 3rd overall finish out of the 150 plus youth field.  Conner Keegan also had a solid consistent ride and continued to get stronger as the race went on finishing 13th in the (12-15) 85cc class.  Brandon Keegan placed 9th in the (10-12) 65cc class.  Luke Rush had a great ride considering his chain broke and set him to the rear of the pack and he worked his way up to finish 8th in the (14-15) Super-mini class.  KR4’s Florida rider Karlynn Beam had a great start but got stuck losing 20 minutes on the first lap. After finishing the first lap in 22nd place she worked her way up to finish 15th in the (14-15) Super-mini class.

In the 10 AM Race (which was delayed 2 hours due to signup crowds), KR4’s Colin Keegan had his best race ever as he piloted his Kawasaki 250F to 4th in the (12-19) 250 C class and 27th overall out of 514 riders!  The afternoon race didn’t go as well.  KR4’s team owner (Frank Keegan) was out at the tracks worst section, (the Railroad Track Section) along with trail boss Jeff Russell and Barry Hawk helping riders get through the maze of mud.  The scene was like something out of a war movie,  riders stuck everywhere, screaming for help, fighting for position and helping each other, while more bikes kept coming and getting buried up to their seats.  There was over 50 bikes in that section that had to be wenched out by trail boss Jeff Russell.  Course Officials, Barry & Jeff had a fast but very technical line through the bog section and only the Pro riders were taking the line, which required you to launch your bike across a 5 foot wide water ditch.  Most of the pro’s made the section while some stayed on the track section and fought bottle necks while some took the route  along the river.  XC2 leader Jason Thomas followed by Andrew Delong came into the technical section wheel to wheel.  Jason Thomas went right while Andrew went left between the tree.  Both riders where stuck side by side, Jason up to his seat and Andrew standing in water.  Thomas’s bike had to be winched out of the mud by Jeff Russell.  This episode pretty much sealed the day for him and the KR4 Team as Jason finished 8th in the XC2 class.

KR4 Performance Arrive n Race Program

Our introduction of our “NEW” Arrive n Race Program was a huge success as we had alot of intrest from the NY crowd and other racers from accross the country.  KR4 served its first two Arrive-n-Race riders, Luke & Ben Parsons from Orlando, Florida.  Luke had a rough day blowing his engine in one of the deep bogs along the railroad track section.  Brother Ben finished 8th out of 46 riders in the 250 B afternoon race.

Back to the drawing board for the St Clairsville, Powerline Park race in three weeks.

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